Advanced marketing course

Did an Advanced Marketing course the past two days, Sydney Uni. Learnt a lot of new terms and jargon. We had to do several team exercises and think up marketing campaigns. The most interesting bits were how to conduct an experiential campaign and the various ways of measuring a campaign’s success. I was very impressed by the quality of the other students. I have a pretty certificate.

Chatted with a lovely lady at the course who used to present “Relationships and Intimacy” courses at Hillsong.

The gist is that if you have casual sex, your soul is stained and injured in some way. And you can catch diseases even when using condoms, which is true, ask any divorce lawyer. She’s going to the US for a holiday soon. Sounded very exciting. She studied over there for a year a while ago, to become a pastoral worker.

Did great with shorthand on Tuesday, I got 40wpm but has to be confirmed by the teacher.

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