Rambo/Rambette: the new SMH journos

New-look SMH Rambette: audio armbands, breastplate cameras, sword of truth and you're hot to trot. Horse supplied by Rural Press.

From SMH editor Peter Fray’s address to the Walkley’s conference:

I’ve been asked a few times recently to describe my ideal reporter. It’s easy: he is Rambo; she is Rambette. Why? It is obvious isn’t it?

Both Rambette and Rambo are clearly multi-platform types able to use a variety of tools to maximum effect. But there is also something else that appeals: they know how to catch and kill their own. They can go out in the forest or desert and come back a bit soiled but successful, having done all the work themselves. They can in other words go out, take risks and tell their own stories – in their own unique ways.

In question time, Fray said the Rambettes will know how to “fillet” and “trim the fat” off their own kill.

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