Found ABBA Photobook bargain!

ABBA riding bicycles in Sweden.

Spotted lying flat on a box (far behind the counter at Vinnies) ready to be put on the shelves, the ABBA Photobook (with $75 price tag on it from Kinokuniya and nicely covered in protective plastic). Asked nonchalantly: “Oh, is that ABBA book for sale?” $20! I flicked through it studiously to check it was OK and the sales assistant seemed surprised anyone would want to buy it! Gave me that thrill again of finding stuff in secondhand shops when looking for ABBA stuff pre-internet!

Still on my wishlist is ABBA The Backstage Stories (my birthday this month) if anyone has a spare copy they want to offload!

Morrissey Sydney 2015

LOVED MOZZAA!!! By Song 3 he started waving his arms in the air saying: Love me, love me, love me! Then crashing to the ground. Such a high point, and such classic Mozza, we might as well have gone home then, totally got our money’s worth! Also, there was another bit in the second half, something like: “I can’t find love! Take me in your arms” etc. As only Mozza can! He was in TOP singing form, the audience was blown away afterwards, saying how fantastic he sounds, He took his shirt off at the end, of course!.

Train home to Newtown PACKED with Mozzer fans singing: How Soon Is Now! Then we broke out into There’s A Light. Why? He didn’t sing them! He did this one, which filled that gap: Never Marry. Sang Suedehead and Arms Around Paris and Stop Me oh oh oh Stop me!! And Sunday. There were a few others, but those were my faves. There’s no interval, he goes about 90mins. Had a few surprises too, I won’t mention them here.

A few blokes yelled out they loved him and he said some smart alecky things back. Gave them the brush off! A few fans got to touch him on stage at the end, fighting the bouncers. If the bouncers hate you, you get chucked out of the show!

Mozza, he’s so *in your face*. He’s still like an angry teenager in his 50s! Love it!

I can’t hack the vids of police brutality and meat is murder, so had to close my eyes. It’s in your face, but that’s Mozza! He sat and faced the vids for part of those songs, to show he really supports it. Good on him!

The entire Sydney Opera House was MEAT-FREE! They have poncey restaurants and bars everywhere, usually with sushi and burgers and gourmet stuff (whatever that is) but NO MEAT!

Amazing film footage re: life in Manchester. View A Taste of Honey before seeing Mozza in concert! And watch a couple of episodes of Coronation St from the 1970s.

Was dancing at Sydney Opera House like Mozza from the 1980s! Made a complete spectacle of myself. Was right at the top, in the aisle.

Vivid is fantastic too. When seeing Mozza, you get to stand on the North Foyer forecourt of the Opera House, free, and watch the light show. Custom House was brilliant.

This is totally the sort of embarrassing fangirl thing I’d do.

I totally LOVE the pre-show film clips he chooses, they’re a mix and so hilarious. Some provocative stuff in the pre-show video clip montage, which is totally Mozza. This one.