QR legal/security meeting – 2.5 weeks to go

C arrived after taking a detour to get some pot. “How did the building adventures go? Did you walk by and a door fell open?”
“Haha! Yeah!”
“It was a good idea to put red cellophane around the torch.”
“Yeah, really dimmed the light.”
“Did any dogs bark?”
“Nah. We had two people as lookouts. We headed off about 1am and finished about 4am. It took two hours to undo the screws in the window. We couldn’t be seen from the street cos we had to scale a 10ft wall to get there. Getting up was easy – we just lifted each other, but landing was bad. F injured his ankle on the way out. We used a trolley on one side, but the other side was steep.
“We got to a point when we had no choice but to make a lot of noise, so we did. Nobody noticed. We were surprised at 4am when a bloke with a torch arrived at the service station next door to open up.
“We hadn’t realised it was so late!
“Noone can see we’ve broken in – there’s a piece of corrugated iron over the window. There was no electricity, but the water was working.
“It’s close to the Imperial and King Street. If people leave the squat to hang out there, we’re dead.”

“We need everyone to turn up together on Wednesday. If they’re all straggling and hanging about on the street, the neighbours will complain.
-“Too bad there’s no outside area – people will have to stand in the street to smoke.
“We’ll use an airhorn to summon everyone – Morse code to indicate ‘Rush to the door cos there are undesirables coming in” or “Rush to the exits – there’s a fire”.
-“We should use a megaphone instead so we can just say what’s happening.”
-“Who owns the building?”
“We don’t know yet. It’s recently been sold and the new owner hasn’t registered the title deeds yet. We’re hoping to contact the owner to try and get permission. Everyone’s guessing it will be demolished so prestige flats can be built.”

“I’ve done a draft letter to give to the neighbours. It has contact numbers for any noise complaints and invites them to come in and say hello, have free meals, get a program and attend the workshops.”
“Yeah, we want them to contact us direct if they have any complaints.”
“Should we spell out we’re only having two big party nites – the band nite and the dance party? So they won’t think we’ll be noisy every nite?”
“And that the police will tell lies about us if they want to close us down?”
-“One of the cops donated $10 at the RTS rally. He gave me $20 and I said I didn’t have change. But he said: ‘I can see you’ve got heaps of change in the bucket!’, so I had to give him $10 back. I still hate cops, though.”

“We might have to lock everyone in.
-“What if there’s a fire?”
“We’ll all die.”
-“Make sure the bands are good, then. I don’t want to be incinerated to the strains of shit music.”

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