Uh oh! Razzamatazz!

Used to have to wear stockings during summer and winter at my old high school as part of the uniform. Which I didn’t mind, but was expensive as used to go through a pack a week. I always used to feel happy buying these stockings, due to the ads! 

Not only men losing their cool! As kids, we used to do Hai Karate in the primary school playground…

A visit to the Museum… Hai Karate!

Me wearing Razzamatazz at high school (pinafore with pocket obscures  uniform). Concerned expression due to oncoming hordes rushing to admire stockings.

ABBA The Movie Script reading

As lockdowns continue to keep theatres dark on the West End and Broadway, some of us Aussie fans recently recorded our zoom reading of ABBA The Movie Script while we were in isolation. It is muchly abridged to squeeze in to youtube’s 15-min limit for unverified accounts. The 1977 movie was shot in Australia, with a script written by Aussie Robert Caswell (who later received an Oscar nomination for Evil Angels) but was mostly improvised and based on a plotline conceived by Oscar-nominated director Lasse Hallstrom on the flight over from Sweden. I hope you enjoy it!

Iso activities

Been lucky to catch up with friends on weekly Zooms. And am enjoying Palely Loitering by Hugh O’Keefe, who used to play piano at the Albury! A rollicking read, highly recommended. Read bits over the phone to a friend and we were giggling over the many funny anecdotes. Doris Karloff! GOLD!!

Zoom pic of eight friends
The usual suspects

Bookcover of Palely Loitering by Hugh O'Keefe
A riot — Hugh O’Keefe